All the authors publishing their research in the JOR ANGRAU have to adhere to the ethical standards as prescribed below by the JOR ANGRAU. Declaration form is a prerequisite whether the article is submitted online or offline.


1. Peer-reviewing

The journal follows an unbiased, objective, double-blind peer review process which aims at accuracy of data and content in the articles.

2. Simultaneous submission

Simultaneous submission of the same article to more than one journal is unethical and discouraged.

3. Plagiarism

The contents of the article submitted should be original and entirely of author’s research and content from any other source must be properly acknowledged through citations.

4. Competing interests 

Authors, reviewers and editors unable to present data objectively must disclose their public or private interests.

5. Slicing of Research:The ‘slicing-up’ of research that would form one meaningful paper into several different papers shall be avoided.

6. Research involving human subjects: Necessary approvals of human subjects or appropriate institutions/authorities to publish the research results rests with the authors, and not with the journal.