Is TJOR ANGRAU a university level publication?

Yes. TJOR ANGRAU is owned by ANGRAU and is published since 1973

What are the subject fields that are covered in Journal as articles?

Agricultural Sciences including plant bio technology andnano technology, Horticultural Sciences, Agricultural Engineering including food science and food technology, Veterinary Sciences, Social Sciences (Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension)and Home Science/Community Science

What is the frequency of publication of Journal?

Quarterly. Journal is published in March, June, September and December

Does the Journal publishes hard copy?

Yes. TJOR ANGRAU publishes hard copy. Soft copy is available as PDF is uploaded regularly on this website and also ANGRAU website publications

Does the Journal considers review articles?

No. At present, TJOR ANGRAU publishes only original research articles

Does an author need to be a member for submission of an article/manuscript?

Author(s) can become member(s) (annual or life) during submission of article/manuscript if previously author(s) is/are not member(s).

Can I submit manuscript online and offline?

Yes. However, we encourage online submission of manuscript/article (submit your manuscript or email to quick processing. We accept only articles prepared in MS- WORD format. Authors Checklist on this website shall be browsed before final submission.

Is the Journal indexed or abstracted?

Yes. TJOR ANGRAU is indexed with CABI and has presence in Google Scholar. The Journal is regularly uploaded on this website and ANGRAU website publications

Does the Journal publishes research notes?

Yes. However, the author has to submit manuscript as full- length articles and the reviewer will decide its suitability for full length article or research note.

Is the Journal a Print Journal?

Yes. The hard copies are sent by post to all the members, corresponding author and co- authors

Whom shall I contact for further details?

Handling Editor. E-mail: