The articles submitted for publication in the journal should contain data not older than six years on the date of receipt of the article. The period shall be calculated from the following January or July after the completion of the field experimentation in rainy(Kharif) and winter (Rabi) seasons, respectively.

Articles should be suitably divided into the following subsections: ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIAL AND METHODS, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, REFERENCES.


Each author of a manuscript is required to submit a declaration statement.  The form for the declaration can be downloaded from website or available in the last pages of hard copy of the Journal. In order to preserve the double-blind review system, the declaration statement will not be available to referees.

On receipt of the article, JOR ANGRAU will acknowledge receipt and a Manuscript I.D will be issued.


The author owns the copyright of the article until the article is accepted for publication. After acceptance, the author(s) assigns the copyright of the article jointly to both the authors and the Publishers of the J ANGRAU (ANGRAU) and license under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License (

Acknowledgement of Financial Assistance:

The author(s) has to acknowledge the financial support they have received, if any, at the end of the article.


Authors are required to cite standard data sources and list them in references

References or citations in the article:

Place references, alphabetized by author, in a list at the end of the paper, (without extra blank lines between references). Provide issue number whenever possible. Only cited works may be included in the reference list. All citations should appear in the text and contain the name and year.